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Deciding To Replace Your Appliance

Once we discover that our Appliance is not working, we are getting the question Should we Replace it or should we repair it.

most of major home appliances are reliable machines that should work for at least 10-20 years give or take. 

for Instance most of refrigerators are good for as long as 20 years.

In case your fridge is not working it would be highly recommended to try and fix it just before buying a brand new appliance , just because of the hidden Fees of buying a new appliance.

Appliance Stores will charge customers for Delivery cost Disposal costs of the old appliances and installation. these fees most of the time will go on top of the cost of the Appliance itself 

On Average Customer will Pay a fee of somewhere between $180-$220 for fully repaired Appliance Weather its a Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Oven etc. 

Where the cost of buying a brand new Appliance will go for as low as $1200-$2000 for a basic model 



Trust Appliance is experienced in All major Appliance Repair Services We Can do diagnostics and offer you the best course of action with your Appliances 

Weather you need Advise Service Or just a question We are here to help

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