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Burnaby BC, Canada

Appliance Recycling

Appliances Recycling

So your appliance quit on you , now what should you do with it ?

Most cities in Greater Vancouver Area will offer you some sort of recycling program. Most common one is that you leave the old appliance outside your house and call the city they will usually offer pick up service twice a year without any charge.

In Burnaby you can click here and just fill up the form. They will arrange pick up service for you. This service is not only for appliances you can also ask them to take old items as couch or a Mattress etc.

Coquitlam City offers similar service with one condition up to 4 items per year , you will have the option calling them and let them collect the 4 items at once or 1 item up to 4 times a year you can get in touch with them on the Coquitlam City Website

Vancouver City Currently not offering any pickups of appliance or big items the best way to recycle them is to take them into a facility nearby 



If you would like to take your old appliances by yourself the cities have recycling centers that can take them 

Burnaby Recycling Center

Coquitlam Recycling Center

Richmond Recycling Center



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